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We are a local, Bible-believing church in Adelaide South Australia. We exist to make disciples who make disciples of Jesus, that are full of the awe of God and are equipped to go and be on mission!

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Join us as we gather to worship God, fellowship with each other and be equipped by His Word. 10 am every Sunday, Sunrise Christian School Fullarton, 95 Wattle St, Fullarton SA 5063. We would love to meet you.

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We all have a story, we would love to hear yours. Our stories tell of who we once were and who we are today. They show how we have been shaped, and they shape how we view the world. For some, they are long and intricate, and others concise and linear. Filled with highs; success, joy and celebration, and lows of pain and heartache. No matter our story, our place of birth, our upbringing or our past sporting successes (or failures), we are all a part of a greater story. One which isn’t built around us, but Jesus Christ. It is His story, we call it the Gospel, and when we make it our own, it changes everything. It brings us alive! Gives us freedom, comfort, and hope. It draws us into a relationship with the giver of life, welcomes us into a new community and gives our every breath purpose.

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We are Gospel-Centred

Loved and chosen by God in Christ, so that we might make him – his ways, his salvation, his glory and his greatness – known in all the earth. God and his grand story is the object of our faith, the focus of our praise, the purpose of our community and the drive for our mission. The following 6 values are all an extension of being Gospel-Centred.

We Believe Everyone Should be Equipped

We believe in scripture alone and teaching and equipping disciples of Christ in the full counsel of God to obey all that Christ has commanded his Church. This is led by a plurality of elders appointed by God and approved by the congregation to lead and govern the body. Gatherings, whether it be on a Sunday or during the week aim to equip the saints for the work of the ministry through Biblical teaching and Biblical literacy. We believe the Bible is for everyone, and therefore encourage that all are reading through the word.

We are Committed to One Another

Jesus said, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” We are to love one another just as Christ has loved us. This is a key to our loving fellowship that seeks unity through the sharing and caring of all in the body. Committed to one another just as Christ is committed to us, each is empowered to use their supernatural spiritual gift to build each other up. It is our loving family, pursuing unity based on a common faith in Christ and love for one another that is a light to our world.

We are a Family of Missionaries

We don’t ask if you will go, we ask when. Missions aren’t for a select few, rather we are all commissioned to join in God’s saving work in our daily lives, and in all the nations. As a faith family we gather a tithe. This tithe acts as a storehouse to meet need that may arise in the body and the community, both locally and internationally. We train, equip and release God’s people, blessed to be a blessing and bring glory to God in all the earth.

We are Completely Reliant on God in Prayer

Nothing that we do is by our effort or power but must be completely covered in prayer, reliant on God. We believe in His sovereignty in all things, and therefore we seek Him to build His Church. We pursue a culture that expects answers to prayer, and we believe in the empowering of the Holy Spirit for the building up of the Church.

We Worship Inspired by Awe for God

Living in awe of our Creator and Saviour is integral to who we are as the redeemed people of God. We aim to re-establish an awe and reverence of God as we understand His Holiness and Majesty. This plays a major part in how we conduct our gatherings. These are simple; teaching of the Word, communion, prayer, testimonies, unity, and fellowship, and songs of praise which all lead us into a place of awe.

We Multiply Disciples

We believe in all being discipled, and all discipling. As we multiply disciples, we work towards building up the body of Christ. This is multi-generational, as we create opportunities where generations can learn from those who have gone before them, and those who are younger, all with the purpose of complete abandonment for Jesus.

Make Disciples | Glorify God | Reach our World